Warranty Administrator

Jim Norton Chevrolet
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Close all warranty claims daily for the accounting office.
  • Submit or “download” warranty claims each night to the factory for reimbursement.
  • Print or save the factory’s response for paid and rejected claims daily and keep in a binder or network folder.
  • Apply credits to the warranty schedule.
  • Submit daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly (depending on the timing of warranty claim credit memos) corrections to the accounting schedule for outstanding and paid warranty claims.
  • Maintain a record (either a log or electronic record) of all claims submitted, date submitted, responses, and payment history.
  • Obtain the service manager’s approval for any claims that must be adjusted to policy expense.
  • Monitor the submission of return warranty parts or other required documentation to the factory.
  • Maintain service bulletins and notices that pertain to warranty claims in a special binder.
  • Follow up with the factory or distributor regarding unpaid claims.
  • Reconcile Warranty schedule and vendor accounts.
  • Provide training to the service manager and advisors about warranty coverage and procedures.
  • Assist the cashier or advisors during in the service department.

Additional duties can and will be added as needed by management

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